Neponset Reservoir, Foxboro, MA

I've only fished here once but it was the most disappointing day of fishing I have ever experienced. The Neponset Reservoir is the biggest body of water that I've fished and at first glance it seemed like an amazing find. There are sections of thick lilly pads, long grass, different points and coves, and a huge area that is all submerged tree stumps. Having said all that, I fished it for 5 hours and caught 2 less than average sized bass. Maybe it was the bait I used or it just wasn't my day but I was seriously let down.

Pretty much the entire shore of the reservoir is privately owned and as far as I can find, there is no public boat ramp and only a little bit of shore line fishing.  I was able to get my 2 person john boat in by backing my Explorer down a dirt path located just off of Edwards Rd near the Beach St intersection.  You can also fish from the shore at the end of this path as well. 

The reservoir is divided into two halves, eastern and western halves.  If you drop your boat in on Edward Rd, you will be in the northern end of the eastern half.  The weeds are very thick up there but you will see a couple of points and drops to fish almost immediately.  If you travel down to the southern end you will find all of the submerged trees which didn't produce any results for me.  Along the way down you will encounter 3 islands that look like they should produce some bass as well as a few random patches of lilly pads.

To be honest, although I had limited success here, I'd love to give it another shot just because it looks like a bass haven and its just too tempting.  I think if I do go back, I'd check out the western half since it gets more sunlight during the early mornings which warms the water more quickly drawing the fish in to shallow waters.  If you've had any success here, I'd love to hear about it.

Successful Baits: None Yet
Shore Fishing? Yes but limited.
Boat Access? Yes off of Edwards Rd
Boat Ramp? No.

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  1. Hi, I live in Foxboro and have fished the neponset since i was 8 years old. Well not recently. It has been severely overfished. I remember as a child seeing people with huge buckets of fish,any fish they caught theyd keep. They used to ask me and my brothers for our nice bass whenever we caught one.. Obviously i threw it back. I havent had much luck there the past 4 years or so...

  2. If you get into the Lane Property from North street, you can walk in there and shore fish from wherever you want. I don't know if it's particularly fruitful, but there's definitely access.

  3. A fairly large area of the western shoreline has been designated as Conservation Land, co-managed by the town of Foxboro, and to a lesser extent, by the state of MA. This area CAN be hiked through (NO dirt bikes allowed, thank God), using part of the Warner Trail (many side paths lead down to the water); access & parking is at the RR tracks crossing on Chestnut St. - you can go all the way from that point, across the dam, through the Lane Property [part of the Conservation land] - and finally come out at the cul-de-sac on Monroe St. (the Warner Trail leaves the Reservoir area at that point. I was there YESTERDAY (07/23/2012) so I know that this is possible.

  4. Continued from above . . . I fished a bit as I hiked through the area (I keep a spinning rod and a mini, but well stocked tackle box in my car] . . . the results were far from spectacular, (I hooked three fish, but quickly lost each of them - I think that two of them were chain pickerel, & the other a small bass) but it convinced me that willing fish are certainly present. I have heard that this reservoir has LOTS of small bass, but 6 to 8 lb. bass are present and occasionally taken.

  5. Hello All,
    I fished this lake on Easter this year, caught a total of 6 fish, 3 bass, two perch and a pickerel. It was windy, and the points adjacent to the coves seemed to produce the most strikes, although I did catch the biggest fish of the day 2.4lb. largemouth in very shallow water where all of the submerged stumps ( referring from above ) are.
    For gear, I have a small water tender boat with electric trolling motor ( my friend lives on the lake so that was my access point , a hummingbird fishfinder and for lures I was throwing everything at them.
    I caught 5 fish on a suspending jerk bait, and the biggest fish was caught throwing a green pumpkin shakey head, with a watermelon colored finesse worm.
    ** This body of water is only 8-10 feet deep AT ITS DEEPEST POINT ** this makes it difficult to find the fish, they can be almost anywhere.
    I am a catch and release guy, hope all of you are as well.
    Hope this helps, and I also hope to see you on the water.
    - Alan