Billington Sea, Plymouth, MA

Billington Sea is a warm water fed pond in Plymouth, MA that seems to be a very popular spot and supposedly holds some big bass in the 5-7lb range. I fished there recently and unfortunately did not have much success finding any lunkers, but did pull in about 8 bass in 3 hours. I didn't fish anything to the west of Hathaway point but I'd like to go back and try again as I know my luck will be better the next time around.

This pond has a little bit of everything when it comes to structure. Along the northern shore, near the boat ramp, you'll find some lilly pads and some bushes that you can fish. There's a creek mouth in the northeast corner that gets pretty shallow but definitely holds some fihs. Along the southern shore, where it is more developed, you'll find plenty of docks to target. The outer edges are shallow, anywhere from 1-5ft deep, while the middle drops down to about 10 ft.  The island in the middle offers some quick drop offs that I fished with my MS Slammer and a shallow diving scatter bait to see if I could find any bass hanging around the ledge. There's also a good amount of downed trees if you can find them, I've marked a few on the map below.

Most of my success came along on the eastern shoreline and in the cove in the southeast corner. I had multiple top water strikes as I fished my senko worm quickly, trying to cover ground. I also caught a couple on a fat body crank bait, working it just outside the weedline.  I think the next time around, I would focus more on the windblown points where it drops off quickly and throw some larger swimbaits, like my Spro SB BBZ60.

As far as I can tell, there is no shore access outside of  the boat ramp and maybe Hathaway point, if the road is open. When I first arrived, I went through Morton Park, only to see that the road was blocked off. You'll want to access the boat ramp via  Morton Park Road, off of Billington St.

More to come after my next trip here. 

Successful Baits:
Shore Fishing?  No
Boat Access? Yes - Morton Park Rd
Boat Ramp? Yes, but not paved.
Avg/Max Depth: 5 ft/10 ft

Whitman's Pond, Weymouth, MA

Whitman's Pond is a place I just started fishing this past year but it has already given me great success.  Using rubber worms and rubber frogs I have caught about 3 or 4 bass each time I've gone out ranging from .5 lbs to 3 lbs.  There are lilly pads along both the northern and southern shores and I have caught nearly every fish there either in or near the lilly pads.  Early in the season, you can work the shores but as the weeds get there, you need to start fishing a little further into the water.

For the most part, I have worked the shores both on the North and South side of the pond which can be easily accessed by a boat ramp on Middle St.  There is a sand bar in the middle where I have had some success as well as two natural springs where some bass seem to congregate.  There is also a beach on the south east corner that is always active with bass.  The beach can be fished from the shore by going down Westminster St off of route 53.  You can also fish off the long shore line on Middle St but that is highly over fished, so if you're going to do that I suggest working the corners more than the middle.

The weeds are really thick so if you plan to use an open hook lure, I would suggest using a top water lure.  There are some spots, near the beach and on the south side of the pond near a restaurant called Canoli's that are some what weedless where you could use a spinner or crank bait.  It can get pretty windy at times which makes it challenging to fish but usually it is coming off of the Middle St shore so if you're fishing off the shore it will only lengthen your casts.

Overall this is a great fishing spot.  I go out every time expecting to catch a couple good size bass.  Good luck!

Successful Baits:
Shore Fishing? Yes
Boat Access? Yes off of Middle St
Boat Ramp? Yes

Canton Reservoir, Canton, MA

The Canton reservoir has treated me and my friends very well for over 10 years. It is my favorite spot in the south shore but has become more challenging over the last few years. With increased water pressure and heavy vegetation, the proven honey holes are producing less quality fish. That being said, it is still a great place to fish, offering various types of structure and an opportunity to fish pretty much every type of lure with success.

As far as accessing the pond, there is a park off of Pleasant St where you can park and drag a car topper or kayak down to the water.  Please note, this is a public park and is locked from sunset until 6AM. I think if you want to get a real boat in there, you will need to know someone with property on the shore.  

If you want to immediately catch fish at the Res, you should head straight for south east corner which is directly up against the Wampatuck Country Club.  There is a par 3 hole on the shore, where a cove cuts into the land.  This spot is absolutely stacked with bass.  You can fish the edges or the middle because there are boulders submerged everywhere which give the bass lots of structure.   We've pulled a few 3 and 4 pound bass out of that cove, so that's always our go to spot.

Along the eastern shore there are two coves inlets that you can fish if your boat can get into really shallow water, like 2-3 feet.  Between the two inlets tho is  a little rock that normally holds bass so feel free to drop an anchor and run some crankbaits or jigs through there. Depending on the water level, you can see some branches poking out of the water. I believe this used to be marked with a bouey but I think that's been removed.

If you head to the northern shore, we've had some recent success throwing some large swimbaits and poppers up and down the weedline, pulling in multple 4+ pounders.

If you're looking to fish from the shore, there is one spot that will give you some good access. If you park behind the ENE building on Route 138, you will find a path that leads out to the water.  This was the only spot we used to fish from about 8 years ago and we caught plenty of bass. It gets fished a lot and can get very shallow in late summer, so I'm not 100% how much it will produce.

We have had a little luck fishing in the middle of the reservoir but its pretty big and there aren't many drop offs to fish out there so it's usually just a crap shoot.

Successful Bait:
Shore Fishing? Yes
Boat Access? Yes, off of Pleasant St
Boat Ramp? No

Neponset Reservoir, Foxboro, MA

I've only fished here once but it was the most disappointing day of fishing I have ever experienced. The Neponset Reservoir is the biggest body of water that I've fished and at first glance it seemed like an amazing find. There are sections of thick lilly pads, long grass, different points and coves, and a huge area that is all submerged tree stumps. Having said all that, I fished it for 5 hours and caught 2 less than average sized bass. Maybe it was the bait I used or it just wasn't my day but I was seriously let down.

Pretty much the entire shore of the reservoir is privately owned and as far as I can find, there is no public boat ramp and only a little bit of shore line fishing.  I was able to get my 2 person john boat in by backing my Explorer down a dirt path located just off of Edwards Rd near the Beach St intersection.  You can also fish from the shore at the end of this path as well. 

The reservoir is divided into two halves, eastern and western halves.  If you drop your boat in on Edward Rd, you will be in the northern end of the eastern half.  The weeds are very thick up there but you will see a couple of points and drops to fish almost immediately.  If you travel down to the southern end you will find all of the submerged trees which didn't produce any results for me.  Along the way down you will encounter 3 islands that look like they should produce some bass as well as a few random patches of lilly pads.

To be honest, although I had limited success here, I'd love to give it another shot just because it looks like a bass haven and its just too tempting.  I think if I do go back, I'd check out the western half since it gets more sunlight during the early mornings which warms the water more quickly drawing the fish in to shallow waters.  If you've had any success here, I'd love to hear about it.

Successful Baits:
Shore Fishing? Yes but limited.
Boat Access? Yes off of Edwards Rd
Boat Ramp? No.

Big Sandy Pond, Plymouth, MA

Big Sandy Pond, like almost every pond is Plymouth, is almost completely weedless and  has a high water visibility.  Also, it is much deeper than most other ponds in Massachusetts.  That being said, it must be fished much differently than your average northeastern pond which is usually riddled with weeds and lilly pads.  Success in this pond takes technique, knowledge, and some help from a depth finder.

Like a few of the other ponds I've written about, unless you own land on the shore, you can only fish it if you drop a boat in.  There is a boat ramp with plenty of parking located on the eastern shore. Last I heard, Gunning Point Rd has been blocked off but the ramp is still accessible. I'm looking for more info on the best route to get there. I believe you should be looking for Blueberry Road.

For the most part, I fished three distinct aspects of this pond with some success.  There are plenty of docks running into the water on Big Sandy which are always a good place to start when you can't find any structure in the water.  They are especially abundant on the eastern shore.  I worked both a rubber worm and a spinner around them with some success.

After that, we fished some of the shores that had tree branches hanging out over the water, providing some shade for the fish.  These can be found on either side of the point that is extending out from the southern shore.  Again I worked a worm and a spinner bait over there, catching both largemouth and smallmouth bass.

The last spot we fished, which was very difficult to find even with our depth finder, is a severe drop off located just a little northeast of that point coming out from the south.  I will mark it on the map for you.  It drops from about 15 ft to around 30 ft in some places and finding a drop is always a good spot to fish as they will congregate on that downward slope.  Obviously in a spot like this you need to work hard to get your bait down to them so think about putting wait on your plastic baits or using a deep diving crank bait. 

One thing to consider is that I haven't trolled the entire pond searching for drop offs so the one I described may not be the only one.  Good luck!

Successful Bait: Worms- Light green.  Crank bait- Deep, white 15 ft diver.  Spinnerbait- yellow/white skirt.
Shore Fishing? Yes 
Boat Access? Yes 
Boat Ramp? Yes

Reeds Pond, Wellesley, MA

Reed's Pond is a very small pond located just off of Route 9 in Wellesley, MA.  Although this pond might be small, don't be surprised to pull in a couple 1.5 - 2 lb bass.  I dunno how they got that big in a small pond like this but they're there.  There is limited access to the pond but you can fish it from a couple spots on the shore, and if you wanted, for some reason, to get a canoe or kayak in there, you can.

The spot I had the most success from is located off of Woodside Ave where you'll find a large opening with plenty of room to cast.  There are a lot of weeds over in this area, so it's tough to fish, but it also allows the fish to hang out close to the shore while being protected.   I caught fish 60 feet from the shore and 8 feet from the shore so it's really diverse. 

The other spot I fished is on the south side of the pond where there is a damn.  You can fish the middle from there where it gets a little deeper.  There was a patch of lilly pads straight out that always had a lot of fish breaking around it.  Also on the left side, there are a lot of overhanging trees that offer a lot of shade and some great fishing. 

It's a small pond but I fished there about 6 times and always caught a couple bass.  Great spot to just relax and cast a few.

Successful Bait: Worms- Pumpkin seed, Black w/ blue 
Shore Fishing? Yes 
Boat Access? Yes 
Boat Ramp? No

Map coming soon.

Kanes Pond, Holbrook, MA

Kanes Pond is located behind a shutdown factory in Holbrook, this pond actually has a pretty interesting story behind it. This used to be an old rock quarry so it's pretty deep in the middle. One day while they were digging, one of the cranes hit an underground spring that ended up flooding the quarry. They were able to get all of the machinery except for one crane that is still stuck in the ground on the eastern shore.

So to get to this place you can either park at the end of Spring Lane and walk over to the eastern shore or you can park behind the building on Spring St, which I'll mark for you, and navigate the paths through the trees to find the water.  There are several spots to fish around the pond, including near the crane, a spot on a big rock on the northern shore, or along the path that wraps around the western and southern shores. 

If you fish from the big rock on the northern shore, there is an island that you can cast out towards where there are some lilly pads that a lot of fish congregate around.  If you're over by the crane, you can fish to the right where there are some weeds and bushes to work.  There is also another island off of the western shore where a friend of my caught an 8 lb bass.  I know right? 8 lbs for such a small pond?  That's why this place is such a great find.

There are very few weeds in this pond so you can pretty much use any type of lure that you want and I'm sure you'll have some success.  I had the most success fishing off of the rock on the north shore .

If you have the energy to carry a boat over from Spring Lane you can get it in there and work several more spots that are sure to be potent like in the coves in the south east corner or the most southern shore that can't be reached from the land.  Good luck!

UPDATE: Apparently there have been "No Trespassing" signs hung up in the area. I haven't been in many years but if this is true, I would suggest avoiding this place. Plenty of spots to fish in MA, no need to do it illegally. 

Successful Bait: Worms- Pumpkin seed, Black, Silver.  Frogs- Dark Green. Spinner bait- whit skirt, black/red skirt. Crank bait - Shallow Diver Perch, Deep Diver White.  Jerk bait- Silver w/ blue 
Shore Fishing? Yes 
Boat Access? Yes 
Boat Ramp? No

Denison Pond, Stoughton, MA

I used to think this was unnamed until a reader informed me that it was called Denison Pond.  Anyway, this pond on Plain St just down the street from the world renown Town Spa, is small but definitely has a good amount of fish in there if you can get them to bite.  The weeds are pretty thick but there are some big openings in the weeds that you can work with any type of lure.

I've only fished this pond from the shore because it just isn't big enough to warrant the effort of getting a boat in there but I guess if you had nothing better to do, you could put a little canoe or kayak in it.  There are often breaks way out in the eastern corner where I heard the fishing used to be great before all of the bushes made it impossible to get to.

Anyway, there is plenty of room along Plain St to fish from the shore.  I've fished here several times and usually catch at least one bass but one day I was very surprised when I pulled out a 2.5 pound bass from this tiny pond.  The fishing spots may be limited by the weeds but apparently there are some decent sized fish in there, at least one that I know of for sure at.

This is pond is often a big tease as well.  You will constantly see fishing moving out in the middle of the water but no matter what you cast out to them, often times they won't take the bait.  Which tells me that they are either too small to be interested or the pond has been over-fished and they're no longer interested.  But hey, if you decide to go out and fish it for a little bit, good luck!

Successful Bait: Worms- Pumpkin seed, Frogs- Dark Green. Spinner bait- yellow skirt. 
Shore Fishing? Yes 
Boat Access? Yes 
Boat Ramp? No

Unnamed Pond on Route 123, Easton, MA

Behind the Easton Industrial Park located on Route 123, you will find a good sized, unnamed pond that me and my friends have had great success in.  The pond is well hidden between a couple of industrial parks and has limited shore fishing but if you get a boat out there, you can definitely find some great spots to fish.

The only way I know to access this pond is to enter the industrial park by going down Bristol Dr and then taking a left onto Norfolk Ave.  This will bring you to a rotary at which you take your first right into a parking lot.   Go all the way to the back, left side of the parking lot and you will find a couple of openings to the water.  You can usually park right next to the water on the grass or in the parking lot to be safe.

There are a good amount of weeds in this pond, especially near the shore by the two openings but it drops off a little bit as you get out further.  The space is limited on the shore, maybe room for 4 or 5 people to fish at once so don't expect a lot of different options while you're fishing from the shore.  We've always caught a bass or two though working the the middle or even working the overhanging bushes to the left of the openings.

If you get a boat out there, which I always prefer, there are 3 spots where I have had the most success in here.  The first one is on the eastern shore, directly across from where you put in the boat.  It is a little corner where there are some submerged branches and a lot of fish.  The next spot, located at the very northern point of the pond, is full of weeds and lilly pads, with a lot of brush overhanging the edges.  This is a great spot to throw out a Texas rigged worm or rubber frog and pull in a few bass.

The last spot I always make sure to check out is in the southeast corner of the pond.  There are several trees hanging very low above the water that give the fish good shade to hide in.  Usually, the wind is blowing this direction as well, which push the bait fish that way and you know the bass will always follow them, so expect to catch a few here as well.   If you want to explore some more, the southwestern shore always looks like a spot to catch some fish but it is really shallow so just keep that in mind if you have a boat out there. 

Successful Baits:
Shore Fishing? Yes 
Boat Access? Yes 
Boat Ramp? No

Pond Meadow Pond, Braintree, MA

Pond Meadow Pond, which is part of the Pond Meadow Park, is a very lively pond with fishing jumping out of the water everywhere you look.  It is a challenging pond as there are only a few access points and it is covered in weeds and lilly pads.  Currently there are very low water levels all across the state but when the water comes back up it should be easier to fish. 

To access this pond, you need to enter the park on Liberty St.  Depending on which spot you want to fish, there are different parking lots located around the park for easier access.  The northern most spot marked on the map is the closest to a parking lot so if you don't feel like walking I suggest heading there.

As for the fishing, you need to have a weedless set up if you want to avoid hours of getting stuck and pulling weeds off your hooks.  The middle of the pond seems to be nearly as shallow as the shores so expect to see a lot of fish giving you targets to cast towards.  You're best off using a Texas rigged worm or a weedless frog.

If you want to get a boat in there, you can probably get one in at the northern most access point but anything with a motor is going to constantly getting stuck in the weeds.  Although, since Pond Meadow Park is a conservation land, I highly doubt that boats are even allowed in the pond.  You'll have to check with the park office for that information.

With the limited access and amazingly vegetative waters, Pond Meadow Pond, is an isolated, rarely fished pond with plenty of fish to be caught.  One thing to keep in mind is that the park locks their gates at 7 PM so if you've parked within the gate limits, make sure you're out of there by then.

Successful Bait: Worms- Watermelon, Brown.  Frogs- Dark Green
Shore Fishing? Yes 
Boat Access? Yes 
Boat Ramp? No